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Quality Education in Health Care

We greatly believe that having high-quality education is the best way to provide exceptional healthcare services.

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Welcome New Lake College

Healthcare Training Provider in Illinois

We provide highly integrated technology and classroom-based healthcare training programs in Hanover Park, Illinois to help individuals have a progressive career in the healthcare industry. It is through this blended learning environment that learning process is proactive and students become critical thinkers and competent healthcare professionals. We aim to produce healthcare professionals committed to serving the community through their expertise and skills. Essentially, we don’t only help our students build a career, but we also instill lifelong learning in their quest for knowledge.

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Mission Statement

New Lake College will provide a learning environment that blends teaching strategies promoting adult learning theories, such as professional mentoring, collaborative learning, student engagement, differentiated instruction, and technology integration.

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Programs Educational Programs

We provide comprehensive training programs to ensure that our students are well-equipped and well-prepared for the challenges in the healthcare industry.

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Take this stepping stone towards a rewarding career in the healthcare industry.

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