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3 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Nurse

3 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Nurse

Mistakes can happen time after time. However, many of these errors can be avoided with proper training and preparation. As the premier provider of healthcare training in Illinois, we want you to minimize your chances of making any mistakes and excel on your first day of work. The list below is composed of the common errors done by newbie nurses and what you can do about it:

  1. Giving out the wrong medication
    Sometimes handling a lot of patients can be confusing. This is why many beginners tend to administer medications intended to a specific patient to another patient. To avoid this, take your time to verify the patient’s identity before dispensing. Always keep in mind to complete the verification process!
  2. Disregarding proper documentation
    For newbie nurses, they always perceive documenting as less important. Because of this, the quality of information is compromised and errors arise. Common documenting errors include failure to record patient care activities and drug-related information. To prevent this mistake, make sure to record the details during the time you take the action.
  3. Ignoring good personal hygiene
    Remember, infection is a common problem faced by many individuals in the hospital. This is why you have to observe good personal hygiene. Clean and disinfect before facing your patients!

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