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5 Tips in Preparing for and Taking the NCLEX PN Exams

5 Tips in Preparing for and Taking the NCLEX PN Exams

Before you can become a fully pledged practical nurse, you will have to take and pass the practical nursing test, namely the NCLEX PN Exam. This examination enables the nursing board to determine your readiness to take on the responsibility of caring for patients.

To prepare for the exam, here are the following tips that New Lake College can impart to you, our students:

  1. Make the most out of your training

    Prior to taking the exam, you will need to complete your healthcare training in Illinois first. With this training, you have the opportunity to acquire the skills needed to fulfill the duties expected from a practical nurse.

    • Attend every training session. You’ll never know what important detail will come out of every discussion.
    • Listen attentively to your instructor. They will teach you the important things you need to know.
    • Do not be afraid to ask. You train to learn and better equip yourself.
    • Take down notes. Do not rely too much on your memory. You might forget things and having written notes will help you remember them.
  2. Organize a study strategy

    As early as six months prior to the exam and even when you are still taking healthcare training programs in Hanover Park, Illinois, you should already have a study strategy. Create a study schedule that you should stick to until you get your license.

    You should already allocate a certain amount of time for studying, understanding different topics at a deeper level. Review study materials every night. The more you read your notes frequently, the more the information will be ingrained in your memory.

  3. Get help from your classmates

    You might be among the many who study better when in a group. Try contacting your classmates and friends so you can form a study group. Make sure to be disciplined, though. It can be easy to switch focus from studying to chatting or unnecessary activities when friends are around.

  4. Practice

    Practice test taking. Do research on how the day goes and how to answer various questions that might come out in the test. Practicing like as if it is exam day will help lessen your anxiety on an actual day.

  5. Don’t neglect to take a personal break to rest your brain

    Overloading your brain will not cut it. Avoid cramming. Take a rest from time to time. This will ensure that you are healthy to take the exam on the scheduled day.

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