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Essential Qualities of a Nurse

Essential Qualities of a Nurse

It is said that a nurse’s continued care may just be as substantial as a major operation by a doctor. Although not as extensive, nurses play a major role in a patient’s health and well-being. LPN schools in Chicago teach would-be nurses the proper medical procedures to perform their functions well. But there are intrinsic characteristics that a person should have to excel in nursing school and eventually nursing as a profession.

  • Be an effective communicator
    Nursing requires constant communication with various units in the hospital, each with their own lingo and disposition. Among others, nurses need to communicate with patients, doctors, and faculty to achieve their work assignments. Being able to communicate effectively with different sets of people is an important skill that nurses should exhibit.
  • Be receptive
    A nurse serves as a doctor’s guide for a patient’s health situation. As such, nurses need to be receptive to the littlest of details and be able to adapt in case changes arise. CNA programs in Illinois put a high priority in ensuring that their graduates are receptive to become an effective nurse.
  • Have a high endurance
    Being a nurse also entails long work shifts and possible overtime with a lot of walking involved. Nurses need to have a high endurance for such moments in the hospital. An effective nurse is quick on their feet and ready to help wherever it may be.
  • Quick and clear thinking
    Nurses should also be able to think quickly and clearly on the best course of action to take during emergencies. A nurse’s insight on patient conditions helps doctors figure out the best way for treatment. A fast learner with clear direction is an important asset of a nurse.
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