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Study Tips to Make Nursing School Easier

Undeniably, nursing school can be very challenging and can sometimes be overwhelming. Trying to balance your responsibilities at home on top of your nursing studies can be tough, but it’s not impossible. New Lake College narrowed down some important study tips to help you manage nursing school easily. Know your learning style Whether you’re a … Continue reading

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Simple Ways New Nurses Can Cope with Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of the medical profession. But, it’s also one of the most rewarding jobs, that’s why a lot of aspiring nurses enroll in LPN schools in Chicago. With overwhelming tasks and long hours, nurses could be very stressed in their jobs, and this could negatively affect their performance. To help out … Continue reading

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Ways to Survive Night Shift for Nursing Students

Working at night shifts can be challenging. It is linked to numerous health issues including increased metabolic problems, heart disease, gastrointestinal difficulties, obesity, and more. A lot of people are required to work on a night shift, but there are several coping strategies to stay healthy. Observe consistent sleeping patterns Some students at LPN schools … Continue reading

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Basic Health Tips for Healthcare Students

Healthcare students are at risk of exposure to different types of illnesses and diseases as much as healthcare professionals are. Everyone who works at a medical facility is vulnerable to various infections, but those who work directly with patients like doctors, nurses, and medical students are at a higher risk. To avoid this, here are … Continue reading

Tips to Become a Better Medical Assistant

Being a medical assistant entails various jobs such as administering an injection, taking a patient’s vital signs, drawing blood, and more. At LPN schools in Chicago, you are trained to perform these clinical aspects of the job as these are among the fundamentals of the training. However, a medical assistant requires not just medical skills. … Continue reading

Nursing Guide: How to Avoid Getting Infections

Infections are caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites. They enter the body, interfere with normal body functions, and cause diseases that may later develop into health complications, especially to those who have underlying illnesses like heart disease, cancer, and others. New Lake College, a leading institution that offers CNA programs in Illinois, offers a … Continue reading

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