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At New Lake College, we want to ensure that the provision of our healthcare training programs in Hanover Park, Illinois is guided by our institutional goals.

Governance and Management

  • Perform day-to-day operations under the guidance of written policies and procedures in the areas of business management, financial management, curriculum development, and instructional delivery.

Service Delivery

  • Develop and provide academic and training programs that foster technology-based, student-centered learning and strengthen occupational skills leading to a favorable employment.

Performance Improvement

Pursue and sustain levels of quality standards set by the US Department of Education through institutional accreditation and/or program accreditation.

  • STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES – Maintain the state-required minimum annual certification or licensure rate of at least 80% among graduates of the diploma programs.
  • RETENTION – Maintain a student retention rate of at least 80% with 75% of current students finishing the program on time.
  • GRADUATION – Achieve a graduation rate of at least 67% with 75% of graduates finishing the program on time.
  • PLACEMENT – Achieve a placement assistance rate of at least 70% for licensed graduates.
  • GRADUATE SATISFACTION – Obtain a turnout rate of at least 60% of graduate students who rate their educational experience on a satisfaction level of good to excellent.
  • EMPLOYER SATISFACTION – Obtain a turnout rate of at least 70% of employer respondents who rate graduates with a favorable performance evaluation of good to excellent.

Staff Development

  • Promote lifelong learning and professional growth among its employees through a continuing education activity and encouraging them to reach their highest productivity levels.

Educational Environment

  • Maintain a learning environment that provides student support and encourages learning through technology-based learning interactions.

Community Outreach and Service

  • Foster or develop opportunities for the faculty and students to engage in community-based curricular activities.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Facilitate financial strategies to increase operational and academic effectiveness in all service areas.

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