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LPN and MA 101: Basic Facts to Note

LPN and MA 101: Basic Facts to Note

What would the field of home health care do without our licensed practical nurses and medical assistants? It would be difficult to imagine seeing as the need for these professionals is of great importance and demand. For the aforementioned reason, we are offering courses on practical nursing.

Of course, licensed practical nurses are certified nurses who are working under the supervision of both registered nurses and physicians. Licensed practical nurses provide basic care such as helping patients with their daily living activities and other care-related responsibilities.

Licensed practical nurses need to complete a program and take the NCLEX practical nursing exam. Reviewing for the NCLEX is also part of our offers aside from healthcare training programs in Hanover Park, Illinois. To elaborate, we provide practical nursing and other nursing programs and medical assistant program.

Licensed Practical Nurses vs. Medical Assistants
Medical assistants can be confused with practical nurses seeing as these professions do go hand in hand and can be found in the same workplace. Of course, in terms of training, practical nurses have longer training periods and they need to qualify a licensure exam.

More on medical assistants, jobs of medical assistants can vary depending on the state one is in. It’s good to check state provisions for medical assistant responsibilities. This applies especially if one plans on working at a different state after completing their training with us.

Are you thinking of starting a career as a nurse or a medical assistant? The information we’ve given may not be enough. We have more informational articles that can help explain and induce interest in pursuing a nursing or medical assistant career.

If you’ve decided to go for healthcare training in Illinois we encourage you to train with us as soon as possible. Our nursing programs can last from 136 hours to 950 hours. We also offer other training that might be of interest to you such as CPR Classes. To start, feel free to visit us at or call us at 888-388-1759 to schedule a visit or for enrollment and other inquiries.

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