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Simple Mistakes Medical Assistants Should Avoid

Simple Mistakes Medical Assistants Should Avoid

Medical assistants from LPN schools in Chicago know that their job in the medical field is crucial. There are protocols they must adhere and they cannot afford to commit mistakes because their patients’ lives are at stake. On top of making sure that patients are taken care of, medical assistants also need to ensure the safety and hygiene of their medical environment. 

The list goes on but to avoid risking medical errors, here are some mistakes that medical assistant should avoid:

  • Avoid giving medical advice/recommendations

    Patients can be inquisitive and curious sometimes, especially about medical recommendations. As medical assistants, there are some advice that you are not qualified to give. To be safe, you should avoid giving medical advice beyond your knowledge and tell patients to direct their questions to their attending physician. You can offer comfort but avoid providing medical recommendations. 

    All these standard protocols are included in the training program of New Lake College, an institution that provides MA programs in Illinois. Visit them today to learn more.

  • Conduct equipment sterilization carefully

    Sterilization of equipment used to treat patients needs to undergo a careful procedure to prevent the spread-out of serious diseases to other patients and medical staff. Make sure to follow all the instructions and steps in sterilizing or disposing of equipment. Learn more about proper medical assistant training at one of the CNA programs in Illinois today. 

  • Give attention to details

    Paying attention to the medical history of patients is important in determining accurate medical treatment. As a medical assistant, it is part of your tasks to take all the necessary details and input everything to the database correctly. Medical records are very crucial in the safety of the patients. 

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