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Simple Ways to Improve a Nurses’ Communication Skills

Simple Ways to Improve a Nurses’ Communication Skills

Communication in any form (body language, facial expression, and gestures) is among the many foundations of good nursing care. An effective communication, both verbal and non-verbal, improves nursing care quality and clinical outcomes, which in turn promotes a better relationship with patients and enhances their service satisfaction. 

As much as experienced nurses are exposed to a different clinic or hospital scenarios, effective communication still poses a challenge to them. LPN schools in Chicago offer quality education in health care and aim to improve overall nursing skills, including communication. Here are some ways you can do it: 

  • Active Listening
    Effective communication includes active listening. Likewise, nurses should pay attention to patients more carefully. By maintaining eye contact while talking to patients, it will help them speak more comfortably and with fewer reservations. New Lake College offers CNA programs in Illinois. Their educational programs include comprehensive practical and communication skills to enhance your holistic performance in the health care industry.
  • Put the Patients First
    Understanding patients helps nurses cultivate a better connection with them. Putting a patient first takes a gradual process and requires compassion to be effective. The MA programs in Illinois motivate students to be well-equipped in the future challenges of the healthcare industry, shaping them to be better nurses by educating them to put patients first. 
  • Communicate Patiently
    Communicating with patients requires ample time and effort. Nevertheless, honesty and patience are two important elements that will help achieve effective communication. Learn to slow it down and speak to patients with compassion. If it’s hard to catch up with what they are saying, raise any clarifications.
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