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What Are the Roles and Functions of a Licensed Practical Nurse?


Being front liners in the field of health care, it’s hard to state in just a few words how important licensed practical nurses are in everybody’s lives. These professionals spend years and effort in learning and mastering the skill of caring for people who are going through treatment or recovery and providing crucial assistance to save a life or improve living conditions for patients.

At the mention of practical nurses, what may immediately come to mind are the common tasks shared by all licensed practical nurses, which include assisting patients, administering fluids and medications through various medical procedures, measuring and recording vital signs, and providing basic patient care. What a lot may not know or understand, though, is that licensed practical nurses have other equally important roles in the hospital or healthcare facility. The activities they perform on a daily basis can actually go beyond just their medical tasks.

If you are greatly interested or keen on studying and entering the field of practical nursing, then knowing and understanding the different roles of a licensed practical nurse would be the first step in getting to appreciate the importance of practical nursing in the medical and healthcare industry:

  • Manager

    Being a licensed practical nurse, you will constantly be managing patient care; this means making sure that the patient care plan is thoroughly followed, while at the same time evaluating its effectiveness. Licensed practical nurses can also be team leaders and supervising co-workers.

  • Counselor

    Entering the field of practical nursing is not a walk in the park—not just in studies-wise, as you would need to have a strong emotional resolve should you want to be a good licensed practical nurse. This is because there will be times when you would have to help patients and their families deal with mixed feelings and frustrations they have towards an illness or the patient’s situation.

  • Detective

    To be an overall efficient licensed practical nurse, you would have to use a lot of your detective abilities. Paying attention to every detail, especially in the patient’s treatment and how they are responding is very important, and may even mean the difference between life and death.

  • Educator

    Lastly, being a licensed practical nurse—especially a good and effective one—means being a good educator. This is because you will be educating patients about their care plan on a daily basis. This should be done properly so that patients will be able to accomplish what they have to do in order to heal faster and feel better.

If you believe you have got what it takes to achieve your dream of being a professional practical nurse, then your next step is to find the right school for you. New Lake College offers healthcare training in Illinois, specializing in the fields of practical nursing and medical assistance. Our healthcare training programs in Hanover Park, Illinois are well-crafted to make sure you will be prepared to provide exceptional healthcare services.

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