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What Is Patient Advocacy in Nursing Care?

What Is Patient Advocacy in Nursing Care?

Nurses are a patient’s advocate. More than just providing quality care, nurses speak on behalf of the patient to ensure that their rights are respected and their healthcare needs are met. This basically sums up the meaning of quality nursing care according to the American Nurses Association.

To ensure that excellent patient advocacy is in place, nurses also need to undergo exceptional healthcare training programs in Hanover Park, Illinois. Only with adequate training can they learn the more specific requirements of patient care.

Exactly what is patient advocacy?

The knowledge of patient advocacy is not just for nurses. It is also for patients and their families so that they know who they will talk to whenever healthcare needs arise. Nurses exhibit patient advocacy in the following ways:

  • Preserves Human Dignity
    For patients and their families, the presence of an illness is an invitation for worry and anxiety. It is expected for affected individuals to be unaware of what they need to do in order to receive treatment. Nurses provide a calm atmosphere for these individuals who are in a difficult state all while preserving dignity and showing respect. Among others, nurses educate patients and their families about what treatments or tests are needed.
  • Equality
    The code of ethics for nurses stipulates that every patient should be treated equally. The quality of their patient care should not be affected by the patient’s economic status, gender choice, personal affiliations, or even the severity of their illness. As healthcare professionals, nurses are taught to accept and treat patients with compassion and high regard for human dignity. This is also a crucial value we seek to integrate into our practical nursing training.
  • Informed Decision
    Nurses assist patients in making important decisions about their health care. They ensure that patients understand their choices and their consequences. Even when a patient refuses a particular treatment, nurses will respect this decision for as long as the patient is already aware of the repercussions.
  • Prioritizes Patient’s Choice
    Nurses put the patient’s choice above all else, unless the patients are no longer able to decide for themselves. This is a common case for patients with terminal illnesses. The patient may want to defer treatments in contrast to what their family members might want. The nurse sees to it that this choice is addressed and properly explains this choice to the family.
  • Healthcare Resource
    With all the healthcare needs that the patient faces, nurses are there to assist them toward making wiser choices. For instance, nurses provide sufficient information about prescribed treatment and medications. Nurses can also discuss options that will make healthcare costs more affordable.

At New Lake College, we’re at the forefront of preparing nurses in the excellent implementation of their role as patient advocates. With our exceptional healthcare training in Illinois, nurses will be at the patient’s side all through their treatment and recovery.

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